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Mass & Services

Saturday (Mar. 19) 2nd Sun. of Lent  --

                                Mass --                              4:00pm

Sunday (Mar. 20)  2nd Sun. of Lent

                                Mass --                              9:00am    

                                Sunday Evening Mass -- 5:30pm

Wednesday (Mar.23) Mass/Confession —    6:00pm

Thursday (Mar 24) Service at Bay Shores   11:00am

Friday, (Mar.25) Way of the Cross --             4:30pm  


                             Classes & Meetings      

Monday       Family Faith Formation                    6:30pm

Tuesday      DIM Sml Grp   (2)                          10:30am

                 DIM Sml Grp (2)                             7:00pm

Wednesday DIM Sml Grp                                  10:00am

                 DIM Sml Grp                                  6:00pm

                 Boy Scouts                                    7:00pm                     

                  Prayer Group                                  7:30pm

Thursday    DIM Sml Grp                                   7:00pm

Friday        DIM Sml Grp                                  10:00am

Saturday     AA Meeting                                    8:00pm


                     Next Weekend March 26/27, 2011

Third Sunday of Lent

Saturday     Sunday Mass                                    4:00pm                                      

Sunday       Sunday Mass                                   9:00am

                    Sunday Evening Mass                      5:30pm



Mon     Dn 9:4b-10                  Lk 6: 36-3

Tues    Is 1:10 , 16-20            Mt  23: 1-12         

Wed    Jer 18: 18-20                Mt 20: 17-28

Thurs   Jer 17:  5-10                 Lk 16: 19-31    

Fri       Is 7:10-14;  8:10       Heb 10: 4-10       Lk 1: 26-38 

Sat      Mi 7: 14-15, 18-20          Lk 15: 1-3,  11-32                                                                                                                                                                          



Third  Sunday of Lent

Ex 17:3-7             Rom 5: 1-2, 5-8              Jn  4: 5-42  


PARISH SUPPORT    March 13, 2011

Envelope Holders                 350

Weekly Envelopes                128            3127.50

Loose                                                    184.00  

Special Restoration Projects     2                25.00

Church Improvement               5                75.50

Literature                                   17               93.00   

Flowers                                 2                25.00      

Children’s                                   2                    2.00         

                                                    $    3,532.00

Catholic Relief Services                44           430.50

Week 11                    Target                                   Actual

03/13/2011         $ 5,700.00                          3,532.00

To Date                62,700.00                        47,118.69

Church Cleaning This Week

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guin Petrimoulx & Beverly Franklin




2 Timothy1:8b,9,10   Genesis 12:3

 Matthew 16:23, 17:2, 17:5   Responsorial Psalm 33


            The account of the Transfiguration is so significant that it is remembered twice in the Church’s calendar: on August 6, the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, and each year on the Second Sunday of Lent. In August, the Transfiguration of the Lord offers us a glimpse of the glory that the Church will share, when it is transfigured in his image. Today we view the Trans-figuration from a different perspective—the vision of Christ in glory helps us to understand that only by the path of suffering can we come to the glory of Easter. 


            Responsorial Psalm 33 is the song of a man like Abram: someone who trusts in God’s mercy—that is, God’s goodness, kindness, forgiveness, protection—no matter what difficulties surround him.     


            Gospel: Jesus has begun to speak to his disciples about the fate that awaits him: that he must suffer, be killed, and then be raised. But the disciples cannot accept his words, and Peter earns a harsh rebuke when he tries to remonstrate with Jesus. It is just six days after that encounter that Jesus takes Peter, with James and John, up a mountain alone. There they witness an incredible vision: their friend is “transfigured,” changed utterly and yet still the teacher they love. He is bathed in a light that is shining not on him, but from within him—“his face shone like the sun.”  Moses and Elijah appear also, speaking with him—repre-senting the law and the prophets, the covenant God made so long ago with Abraham. No wonder Peter longs to remain there in worship forever. The voice of God is heard speaking to the apostles the same words Jesus heard at his baptism: “This is my be-loved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” And when the vision is gone, Jesus is still there, gently touching them and telling them not to be afraid. As they come down the mountain, he asks them not to speak of the vision until after he has been raised from the dead. Why the secrecy? Be-cause only from the perspective of the cross will the vision they have seen make sense.


End here


            During Lent, in addition to the Disciples in Mission meetings, programs will be available to help you observe the season:

(1)        The Little Black Books (for adults) and the Little Purple Books (for children) will help you with your daily prayer and reflection. These are available in the vestibule.

(2)        The Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl materials will help you to stay attentive to the poor and hungry of our world. These are also in the vestibule.

(3)        Wednesdays of Lent Masses at 6:00pm followed by Individual Confessions. Also Saturday and Sunday Masses will help to keep the Eucharist at the center of our Christian lives.

(4)        The Way of the Cross at 4:30pm on the Fridays of Lent will help keep us attentive to Jesus’ invitation to take up our cross and follow in his footsteps.




            George J. Anthony, one of our parishioners, has passed away on Friday, March 11, 2011 . His Funeral Liturgy and Rite of Committal has taken place on Monday, March 14th, at 10:00 A.M. at Our Lady of the Visitation.  His family would like to thank everyone who helped make the Funeral Luncheon possible. Our caring thoughts and prayers also go out to his loving family at this time.



            At this year’s Easter Vigil, we will welcome Alicia Barkley into the church through baptism, confirmation and Holy Eucharist, and Justin Julien through confirmation. Alicia and Justin are engaged to be married here in October.

            Also, we have two young people who will celebrate confirmation (April 3) and Holy Eucharist (May 7th), as they complete their sacraments of initiation:  Madison Russell, daughter of Trent and Betty Russell, and Mayson Sugden, son of Matt and Jennifer Sugden.



            This Collection helps families, values their fundamental role in society, and strives to protect them. It funds 6 Catholic agencies that protect children who are vulnerable to exploitation and  legally reunites families that have been separated by migration or war. Please be generous.



            A new Grief Recovery Series will be hosted at St. Hedwig Parish Center, 1504 S. Kiesel St. , Bay City .  Sessions will take place from 2:00 to 4:00pm on Wednesdays, March 30, April 6, April 13, April 20, April 27, May 4 and May 11, 2011 . The Series is a six-week program which enables you to become aware of the process of grief and how grief affects your life. For registration and questions please contact Joan at (989) 686-8081 or Nancy at (989) 667-7990. Leaflets describing the series are available in our Church Vestibule.




Pray for the gift to see the poor in our midst so that we may assist them, for the fruit of faith is love. This program helps the most vulnerable in commu-nities in Indonesia and around the world.




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